Happy Flute Newborn Cover Green Cats

  • Happy Flute Newborn Cover Green Cats
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Green Cats
Happy Flute
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·       These New Born covers are great comfort for both babies and mother as these are easy to change and maintain.

·       These are made with 100% PUL which makes flats, prefolds, sleeve etc waterproof.

·       Comes with double gussets to prevent leakages.

·       Comes with a inner snap and a optional suede sleeve which can be stuffed with any inserts and snapped on the cover.

·       Snapping prevents bunching and adds to comfort and easy to use.

·       Just remove the sleeve and inserts, wipe and re use the cover with another sleeve or flats, prefolds etc.


Washing and Care

·       Knock the solids, rinse with cold water, store in a dry pail and wash with softener and additive free baby cloth friendly detergent.

·       Wash temperature: Under 30 °C (less than 86°F)


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